The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

The World of Iniquus - Action Adventure Romance

Saving Your Heroine


Tampons as a Survival Tool

Dental Floss as a Survival Tool

Condoms as a Survival Tool

Paracord bracelets as a Survival Tool


Survive an Active Shooter

Hug-a-Tree Keeping Our Youngest Characters (& Real-life Kiddos) Alive in the Woods

Want to Try Something Knotty? Five Knots to Save Your Heroine

The Man Had His Penis in His Hand - How not to leave dance class.

Home Invasions Prt 1 with Anti-terrorist Specialist Rock Higgins

Home Invasions Prt 2 with Anti-terrorist Specialist Rock Higgins


A Heroine's Plan to Escape a Car Abduction

Escaping Duct Tape Restraints

Escaping from Handcuffs

Busting Out of Zip Ties

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