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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Writing a Book - Encouragement for Writing the Book of Your Heart

Hello ThrillWriters, 

I want to introduce you to my friend Susan Hutchinson who is someone I met via social media. One of the joys of knowing Susan on Facebook is that she shares her artwork in her timeline. 

Susan is a wonderful artist, and I am the proud owner of a work that I commissioned from her. I have gifted another commissioned work for my daughter. 

She inspires me to pick up my own brush and pencil and do a little art to keep my creativity flowing. 

I am thrilled to know that she has now put her creativity and generous heart into a book that is cathartic for her, but I'm sure will also help many, inspire many, and provide an excellent read.

Here, is Susan, generously encouraging you to write the book of your heart.

Writing a book Susan Hutchinson

I think we've all said at one time, "I should write a book." I've been told that only about 1% of the people who say that actually end up doing it. I recently joined the 1%, much to everyone's surprise, especially my own.

I've always had a quirky, Erma Bombeck-ish sense of humor and tried to write something of that ilk, but I had something else in me that needed to be written first, so Forever with Me: a Memoir, flowed out of my head, into my fingers and out on to the keyboard. The result was a short read, 110 pages in print, 80 pages on a Kindle (I have no idea how that worked, but I'm a writer now, not a formatter) about the death of my 2 daughters and what I went through to get back to my old self or at least a version of my old self that doesn't make people run for the hills when they see me. As awful as the topic is, it still has that humor for which I've become (in)famous.

I find it interesting that it took longer to get the book published (7 weeks) than it took to write it (3 weeks). Editors and proofreaders took up a lot of that time. I have no concept, apparently, of the Oxford comma, and, unlike in the good old days of my typing classes in school - yes I'm old-, you no longer need 2 spaces after a period. Must be why the book is now only 80 pages long. And don't get me started on the actual publishing of the book. If it wasn't for an author friend of mine who knew what she was doing, it would have been 2025 before I got through that minefield. No wonder why so many authors only do the ebook route.

So now, I'm a published author and actually hit the 100 Best Sellers on Amazon for Two-Hour Biography & Memoir Short Reads. Thank heavens for specialized ranking categories. The next book will be a comedy of some sort. Life is too short to cry.

 Here is the AMAZON LINK