The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Now Your Character Can Play James Bond. Gadgets with Heather Weidner

Today, I am hosting Heather Weidner. Heather has been a mystery fan since Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew. She is President of the Sisters in Crime, Central Virginia Chapter where I recently spoke on the subject of Violence in Writing. Heather’s short stories appear in the Virginia is for Mysteries series. Today, she's talking about gadgets that give your protagonist a little James Bond swagger.

Fiona - 
Gadgets! Fun! How did you get interested in the subject?

Heather - 
My sleuth in Secret Lives and Private Eyes is a thirty-something private investigator who has a knack for getting herself in and out of humorous situations, and she often uses what she has handy when she’s on a case. 

Here are some real gadgets that might just be useful. I’m wondering how many Fiona Quinn has.

Fiona - 
(I'll never tell.) 

Heather - 
Tile - is a tag that you can add to things to track where they are. If you’re within a certain radius, you can ring the tile locate it. You can also use the Internet to see the last place you had the item. 

This Camera Pen lets you capture video and audio discretely. You can also use it as an ink pen. 

Spy-Tronix has a variety of home and business-use hidden cameras. My favorites are the electrical box or the fake book with the hidden camera. 

If you’re worried about hidden cameras, this detector will allow you to sweep an area for wireless cameras and eavesdropping devices. 

Identity Stronghold sells RFID blocking wallets to prevent electronic pick-pocketing. 

Here is a sunscreen flask, for those who need a hidden secondary container on a sunny day. 

This aluminum Coke can has a hidden safe for your valuables. Just be careful not to recycle your treasures by accident. 

Pocket Stashes provide you with keyring options for hiding cash, change, or a lighter. 

There are lots of tactical purse options for those who carry concealed weapons. There are also quite a lot of coat, jacket, and vest choices for those who don’t want a purse. 

Pepper spray comes in a variety of sizes and styles. This is a model disguised as lipstick.

This one’s not available yet. It’s just a concept, but I did use the idea in a story. It’s called Undercover Colors. Users can put a finger with this nail polish in their glass to detect the presence of a date rape drug.

And don’t forget your smartphone. In addition to the communications and camera options, there are lots of apps for emergency air horns, compasses, flashlights, and GPS. And most have a way to track them if they’re missing. (Go to this blog article to read more about that)

Fiona - 
Very fun, Heather! I am a total gadget girl. I love this kind of stuff. Hey, can you take a second to tell us about your new book?
Heather - 
Secret Lives and Private Eyes

Secret Lives and Private Eyes is a fast-paced mystery that will appeal to readers who like a strong, female private investigator. 

Business has been slow for PI, Delanie Fitzgerald, but her luck seems to change when a tell-all author hires her to find rock star, Johnny Velvet. Could the singer whose life was purportedly cut short in a fiery car crash still be alive? And as if sifting through dead ends in a cold case isn’t bad enough, Chaz Wellington Smith, III, a loud-mouthed strip club owner, hires Delanie to uncover information on the mayor’s secret life. When the mayor is murdered, Chaz is the key suspect. Now Delanie must clear his name and figure out the connection between the two cases before another murder – probably her own – takes place.

Fiona - 
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  1. Great list of gadgets. I bookmarked the page. My sleuth character, Jack Donegal, in my novel "Action Men with Silly Putty" makes use of gadgets. The mystery fiction sounds good too.

  2. Good post, Heather. Hopefully Undercover Colors, or something like it, will become a reality. I wish you the best of luck with your book. Thanks, Fiona, for having this blog.