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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Celebrating ThrillWriting's First Birthday!

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One Year Old


I just wanted to express my deep gratitude
for your support, and kindness.

And my special appreciation to the wonderful
professionals who have shared their 
time and talent with us.

Looking forward to Learning More with YOU

in Year TWO!

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  1. Replies
    1. LOL, of course you do! I saved you the corner piece with the roses. Would you like chocolate or vanilla ice cream with that?

    2. Chocolate.

      Did you ever think it would get around 100,000 views in a year?

    3. Chocolate it is.

      100,000 was my pie-in-the-sky goal. But when I started off with no articles and no name, it was difficult to see how I could possibly reach that flag waving way over my head. Luckily, I had wonderful readers like you who played along and made it so much fun (though I did dig myself a hole when I made that video of moving tied hands from back to front for you guys, LOL).

      I had a blast - but also put in a great deal of work. My intention is to have a really good resource that writers can go to, knowing they are getting the best possible advice from some of the world's most experienced experts.So that not only can they write the details, but they can get the flavor of the personalities too. And maybe even some real-life help along the way.

      I want to thank you, Randall, so much for trying out so many of the articles and reporting back. I love love love that you did. I thought that was absolutely marvelous. Now, I have to come up with some more stuff for you to try this year. I know you're up to the challenge.


    4. I suppose I'll be up for it. After all I didn't think when I first found this site I'd make a paracord bracelet, or end up zip tied or duct taped to a chair. I figure I can do some other stuff if I've done all that.

      I carry the bracelet on my keychain, by the way.