Tuesday, June 13, 2017

DEADLOCK - Uncommon Enemies

It's launch day for Deadlock

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A deadly foreign crisis looms. It’s effect threatens to vibrate across the globe. The world’s most elite scientists have assembled in Tanzania to work on an impossible resolution. It’s an epic, humanitarian cause. 

Heightening the risk to the cadre of scientists, notorious terrorists have selectively targeted key players among the team. One of the central researchers, Meg Finley not only holds the key to the solution, but to the heart of another type of hero. 

Rooster Honig, former United States Army Delta operative, and renowned hostage negotiator, is caught in the global war on terror’s clutches. It’s up to him to protect the captives. But negotiating from a position of unknowns makes his task even more difficult. The terrorists’ demands teeter between profit and propaganda. If he guesses wrong it might mean lives—especially his true love, Meg Finley.

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