The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

K Nycole Lee - Sword Geek - and Her Chronicles of Koa

      Nycole - Good evening!

Fiona - Hola! How are you tonight?

Nycole - Very well, thanks!

Fiona - Pull up a chair; I have a fresh pot of coffee - help yourself - So! Let's talk books.  You have a futuristic
           vampire book, with human pets. Can you give my blog readers a quick overview of your story?

Nycole - The Chronicles of Koa takes place in two worlds. The mortal world (our world) and the Netherworld 
          (the land of supernatural creatures.) Koa is a half-blood. She is half-human and half-vampire. Such a
          creature has never existed, and this makes her a target for a Netherworld serial killer and the King of the
          Netherworld Vampires. Such danger poses a threat to all that Koa knows and loves. Koa's mother is
          cursed, she fears for the safety of her human pet, Ian, and she can sense that her best friend, Halston,
          knows more than he reveals to her. Whoa! Was that brief? Haha!

Fiona - This is a woman? And her name is Koa?

Nycole - Yes! Her name is Koa.

Fiona - And is she working for the government - she's trying to
           keep order?

Nycole - She works for the Netherworld Division along with her
          best friend, Halston...who happens to also be her boss.
          The agents of this division patrol all supernatural activity
          and strive to provide a peaceful coexistence between 
          humans and vampires.

Fiona - Did you base this Netherworld Division on some
           peacekeeping/policing done in our "real world" or did you
           create it all for Koa's story?

Nycole - I would compare it to similar organizations that we have
            such as the CIA, but the Netherworld Division has total
            power over their practices. If a vampire chooses not to
            register and live a life free of killing and violence, they
            will be terminated. You cannot hide from the 
            Division. There is a system for such things. There are
            humans that are willing to sell their services and become
            "pets." Think of them as mistresses to the vampires.
Fiona - How do the vampires eat? And, Ian is her boy toy? LOL!

Nycole - They drink from their "pets." Or from farmed blood. Yes.
            He is. But Koa has her sights on someone else.

Fiona - The vixen! Good for her! LOL                                                   

Nycole - LOL!

Fiona - So when you were conceiving of Netherworld Division - did you do research into how the 
           CIA functions?

Nycole - The only research came from movies and television. Most of their tactics are a
           collection of ideas I had from dreams. Most of my real research was focused on Roman
           and British military strategies. But that deals more with the Netherworld portion of the 

Fiona - I'd love to hear about that. Here at ThrillWriting, we like to see writers write it right.
           And so it's fun to understand how authors of paranormal and sci-fi create their worlds 
           and yet keep them recognizable and accessible.

NycoleOh yes. I have a slew of Roman history books detailing the origins of their empire as
           well as their advanced military tactics. In the Netherworld, things are more scientifically
           advanced and yet they do not have the natural resources we have such as flora and 
           fauna. With that said, you'd think you were in Ancient Rome due to their architecture and
           style of dress. Most of the research went into such aspects. Another major area I    
           studied was Hebrew and Greek mythology. You'll see where that ties in when you learn 
           Halston's secret.

Fiona - And the sword? can you tell me about its significance to the story?

Nycole - Yes! I'd like to call myself somewhat of a geek when it comes to swords. Koa's is a 
           sword forged in the black fire of the Netherworld by the fallen angels. Instilled within its 
           blade is the skill and power of every person that it was passed down to. Her father gave 
           it to her, which raises questions of how he got such a weapon that doesn't even belong
           in the mortal world.

Fiona - A sword geek! I've never met one. How does one become a sword geek? Are you
           trained in martial arts?

Nycole - I am not trained. I wish! I just have a fascination with swords from different cultures. I 
           think a sword is a beautiful weapon, and in my story, not even a gun is more powerful
           than the Lyrinian blade!

Fiona - From my experience, a sword doesn't move through the air and make slices the way one 
           might think. A sword in the hands of a master looks light and effortless. In reality, it's 
           heavy and cumbersome - and really difficult to fight with. Did you get to play around with 
           various swords before you wrote about how the Lyrinian Blade was used? And can I just
           say the name you gave it sounds like "lyrical" - as in music and dance - so it sounds 
           graceful from the beginning.

Nycole - Yes ma'am! Exactly. When Koa uses the Lyrinian blade she is instilled with power and
           left in a trance that resembles a dance. I have handled many swords and I understand
           how the grooves become engrained in your palm and how heavy it can be. Koa has 
           mastered her skill. And she has the strength of her father...a vampire.

Fiona - Got it. Very cool. Nycole, thank you  so much for stopping by for a chat today! 

Nycole - Excellent! Thanks again! This was fun!


K.N. Lee is an American author who resides in North Carolina. She enjoys writing fantasy and horror novels and short stories. She also writes poetry and does a great deal of promoting other authors on her websites. When she is not cooking traditional Asian meals for her friends, she travels the world and practices foreign languages.

Her works include, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, the dark poetry collection, Wicked Webs, and the collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood. She lives with her two dogs, Raven and Rocco. AMAZON LINK TO THE CHRONICLES OF KOA
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