Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CELEBRATING a Half- million Readers with PRIZES!

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At eighteen-months-old, 
I am so excited to have had over a half-million readers stop by ThrillWriting

My goal has always been to help you get to the research and the experts that will make your plotting-craft easier.

ThrillWriting came into being as I looked at the stacks of information I had collected in  my own fiction writing process, and I thought, wow - it would have been nice to have had a one-stop-shop to gather all of this together. So I decided to share all of those long, long, long hours of research work with you.

Along the way...

I've met incredible people who have been enormously generous with their time and talent. Many of these experts have become fiction writers themselves, and I have enjoyed reading their novels and stretching my reading arms out to works that would not normally have crossed my path. I even read my first zombie books.

I have had so much fun with writers who have had questions about their plot points -- yes, the video I made of escaping from having my hands tied behind my back got me some offers that...well, it'll be a while before I do one of those videos again. But hearing about what you're writing and what's going on for you is a bright spot for me.

And yes, I have introduced much of my research into my own fiction writing.

When you buy my books, you're seeing this research in action, and supporting this blog, so I can continue to bring you interesting articles.

Along a more traditional route is my novella MINE which is now a part of the UNLUCKY SEVEN collection.

Along a MUCH less traditional route, I did some experimental fiction with English ex-pat John Dolan in CHAOS IS COME AGAIN - and no we never have met and yes, even on Skype he wears that hat. I'm assuming it comes off at least when he showers and sleeps - but he's in Thailand doing those things.

And this spring, I am thrilled to finally be bringing you my LYNX series. Serial killers, black ops, spy games, psychic links, special ops guys, and a kick-ass heroine Lexi Sobado who is Unschooled - Unconventional - and Unstoppable. All kinds of fun!

Thank you for joining me on the ride. I truly appreciate each of you for coming by for non-fiction information, and then for supporting me by reading my fiction, as well. I adore the friends I've made, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better as we head down the literary path together.

This is my Little Bear  :)
Just a last note before I get to the prizes - some of you know that I had a terrible and long-winded hassle with Twitter's robo-glitch earlier this fall. I had no way of telling you all what was going on and giving you my newest articles - to prevent this, I've started a newsletter (which will be more about writing life - and you get to meet my sidekick, Little Bear). I hope you'll consider signing up. You can do that HERE and if you want to watch my little film it's HERE

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the ThrillWriting Celebration WINNERS!
First Prize - Dorothy Birtalan
Second Prize - Diane DeMasi Johnson.
Third Prize - Diane Capri.

Many thanks!


  1. Have you used most of the stuff you've posted about here in your writing?

    You can make Youtube videos unlisted so only people who have the actual link or URL can see them.

    1. You mean the BDSM crowd wouldn't be watching? LOL I need to figure out how to do that - thanks, Rebel.

      As to your question, the answer is yes in some form or another, especially in my series out this spring. If you look under the tab "Research in Action," I started a list of the articles that informed my writing.

      If I haven't used it directly, I know what's happening for characters. For example, I may not show the police artist coming up with the sketch, but I know how it happened and that influences how I write a scene that includes the sketch. Does that make sense?


    2. My experience with uploading Youtube videos is pretty minimal, but there are three options: public, private, and unlisted. Public is what I assume all your videos are now. Private means only you and I think approved followers can see the video. Unlisted means the video can be watched by anyone, but they have to have the link. It won't show up on your video list or in searches.

      I think I've asked before about how much of this stuff you've used before, but I couldn't remember.

    3. Yay! I love learning something new! I followed through and unlisted the escaping hands-tied video. Now you can only see it with the URL.

      Thanks, Rebel!

    4. It's nice to be on the teaching end for once. I can't promise it'll stop everyone with certain requests from seeing the video but it should cut down since they have to have a direct link and can't just stumble on the video by doing a random search.

      I did a quick check and I can see the video when I have a link but I can't find it if I have to search for it, so it worked.

    5. Aw, thanks, Rebel :)


  2. Wait a're eighteen months old???

    Oh, you mean your site. Wow. Congrats! I wish I could say as much for mine.

    1. Thank you kindly.

      Did you put your name in that hat for prizes? The first prize is guest blogging here - and you can tell everyone about what you write and your blog :)

      Best of luck!

  3. Diane DeMasi JohnsonDecember 8, 2014 at 11:49 PM

    Thank you, Fiona!!! I was excited to see the email announcing I won Chaos is Come Again! That made my day.

    Congratulations Dorothy and Diane Capri!!!!