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Sunday, October 25, 2015

From Crime to Punishment in 18 Steps: Information for Writers with John Higgins, Esq.

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ThrillWriting's good friend John Higgins stopped by to give us a quick and dirty look at the road
"From Crime to Punishment" so you don't skip a step in your M.S.

The Steps in a Criminal Trial

  1. Investigation Blog article
  2. Charges  Blog article
  3. Grand jury Blog article
  4. Discovery
  5. Pretrial motions(where a lot of decisions are made about what evidence and testimony can be used...
  6. Jury selection
  7. Openings  Blog article
  8. Prosecution case in chief  Blog article
  9. Motion to dismiss 
  10. Defense case
  11. Defense decision to take the stand or not
  12. Final arguments
  13. Jury instructions
  14. Jury deliberations 
  15. Verdict   Blog article
  16. Appeals
  17. Post conviction relief motions after all appeals exhausted
  18. Incarceration  Blog article
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Don't forget the after-trial cigar.

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