Friday, December 16, 2016

Fiona Quinn joins Mark Combs' Podcast to talk about Writing it Right

I was a guest over at Mark Combs Podcast - come listen to me talk about unschooling, service dogs, and writing things right.


Fiona Quinn profile picLexi Sobado is a young woman gifted with a very unique background and skill set. Caught in the middle of a sinister web of crime and corruption, Lexi finds herself romantically entangled with the special agent charged with protecting her. Who does she trust? Who’s feeding her lies? What should she hide? What should she reveal? What can she uncover? It’s a sinister web of crime and corruption that keeps the reader entranced at every turn.
Episode Synopsis: Lexi Sobado, code name LYNX, is a mosaic of real life adventures shared by Fiona and her children. This discussion ranges from Fiona’s experience of “un-schooling” her four children to how those experiences and lessons prepared each of them for their life as an adult. The conversation then turns to how these adventures find a rebirth in the heroine who becomes known as LYNX.

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