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What I Learned Being Stalked by a Drone

What I Learned on a Cold Dark Mission: What was your charcter thinking?

What I Learned as a Victim of a Mock Bombing

It's Sue Coletta's Time in the Barell

Weather in Your Plot

Two Writer Walk into a Brewery

InstiGATOR and the Collective Unconscious

A Murder of Crows

What I learned at a Mock Live Shooter Event

What I learned on a manhunt

PMS Is Your Friend & Other Things I Learned Taking a Wilderness First Aid Class

What I Learned Playing the Victim in an Airplane Crash

Running for Her Life in the Rain - What I learned running the Mudderella



Hanging out on Teresa Roman's Blog

Walking Around Naked at Authors' Combat

Encouragement for Your Writing

An interview with another Fiona

Monte Dutton reviews Weakest Lynx

Tiny Gesture Heroes

Realism in Writing and hour log vlog inteview.

Secret Life of a Townie

Author Spotlight - I was asked about books/strategies/and DOGS!

40 Best author resources - Check out #8 authors helping authors.

My Two Cents

Lilo Illuminates: WEAKEST LYNX

Ten Word Answers - short and sweet.

Guest blog: If your Character is a Monkey. . .

A review of WEAKEST LYNX by View from the Other Side.

Rick Soper speaks with AwesomeGang

Interview on MY TWO CENTS

Typehammer Podcast

Five Books Reviewed by Jennifer Skutelsy

Summer Reading List with Nightstand Book Reviews

An Interview about Weakest Lynx with Jennifer Kutelsky

A lovely mention on Monday's Personal Log HERE

Guest Blog for Thriller Writer - If Your Character Is a Monkey, He's Going to Act like a Monkey

FriendsIndeed Interview with Kathy Di Santo

Celebrating a 1/2 MILLION readers on ThrillWriting!

PBS critique of my short story

Hour long radio chat with John Higgins

Sin On a Plate a To-die-for Chocolate Cake Recipe

Thriller-Writer Chaos Is Come Again what does it take to write a novel with someone you've never met.

Chaos Is Come Again at Musings of an Independent Artist

Chaos Is Come Again - a Scavenger Hunt with Victoria Dougherty

Chaos Is Come Again - A Writing Experiment

Chaos Is Come Again with Christoph Fischer

Chaos Is Come Again with Billy Tay Chitwood

Chaos Is Come Again with Eden Baylee

Chaos Is Come Again with John Dolan

Chaos Is Come Again with WriterChristophFischer

Chaos Is Come Again blog review by Dianne Harman

Chaos Is Come Again blog with Seumas Gallacher

Unlucky Seven and Chaos Is Come Again with Diane Capri

Mine with Kate George

Chaos Is Come Again with Scarlett Flame

Four Magic Words - Guest post: Write On Sisters

Write On Sisters 7 Things I know About Writing

Francis di Plino's Blog - Ten Facts About Fiona Quinn

Albino Tree Productions' list of helpful writing blogs

Doctor Diva promotes children's hiking safety.

Friday Links for Writers

Author Interview at Lisette's Writers' Chateaux

Author Interview at School for the Ages

Richard Bailey @liquidwalk on Twitter does a SoundCloud review of ThrillWriting

ThrillWriting Celebrates Its First Birthday

Virginia Is for Mysteries: An Anthology to Die for

Lexi Sobado Visits Kerrian's Notebook - Patti Phillips' Blog

The Importance of Research - Ellen Mulholland

An Exchange with Eden Baylee

V.I.P.A. Tactical Training

SIRCHIE CSI Professionals Training and Equipment Tour for Writers by Patti Phillips

Graveyard Shift: Writers' Police Academy 2013

Writers' Police Academy 2011

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