The tickle of curiosity. The gasp of discovery. Fingers running across the keyboard.

The World of Iniquus - Action Adventure Romance

Craft Talk

How to irritate your editor and annoy your readers.

Oversharing about writing sex

Funny Bones - Mixing Humor and Murder

Exercises for Visual Stress Relief

Growing Your Writing Skills Under the Limelight

Setting Your Plot trajectory

Geeks and Greeks - mixing modern and ancient

Using Photography to Inform Your Writing

How to Have Your Character Fail by Succeeding

Writing About Twins

Your Character Has to Earn Their Win


Professional Development

Pets in Your Fiction

The Rita Award

Using Drama Techniques to Improve Your Writing

Writing in Different Genres

Getting Started Writing Your Novel

Booze in Your Writing

You Know My Methods, Watson

The Difficulty Writing Perspective

You Have to Earn the Win

Having Your Character Fail Through Succeeding

Through a Different Lens: Photography Techniques that Can Improve Your Writing

Added Value To Augment the Reader Experience

Mixing Greek Legend and Modern technology

Plot Trajectory

Writing Retreats and Conferences

Pets in Fiction

"Try it" is important - Putting your Heroine in a Barrel.

Giving a Solid Base to your Fantasy

relationship deal breakers for your characters

PODCAST - talking unschooling, service dogs, and writing novels

What was Your Character Thinking?

Writing a Year Long Series

Changing Spy Game

Creating a Podcast

Using Rituals to Depict a Character - Tea Ceremony

Writing Historical Fiction/Changing Genres

Being edited by Stephen King's editor

Making marketing videos

Writing Sports into Your Story Line

Using Your Dark Moments to Illuminate Your Characters

Free Training Opportunities for Writers

Using Copyrighted Lyrics

Are You Thinking About Co-authoring a Book?

Financial Crime Writing

Script Writing v Novel Writing with Jim Morris

Nature V Nurture in Our Characters

Is That Even Possible? A Writing Experiment

When Writing It Write is Righting it Wrong with Jamie Mason

Writing with an Accent with Peter Schmitz

Logic in Your Plot Line: Investigatory Choices for Writers with Richard McEachin

Using Technology in Your Plot with Frederick Wysocki

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